Trouble Shooting


XOTrainer is slipping out of position:

The elastic cord on the back just above the elbow is called the stabilizer.  Its main purpose is to make sure that the XOTrainer stays in the right position on your arm.  If you are doing intense workouts, or noticing that XOTrainer is slipping off your arm, then tighten this cord (not enough that you can feel it), and it should solve this problem.  To tighten the cord, pull to the desired tension, then slip the cord into the keyway, which should lock it into place.

XOTrainer is uncomfortable, and scratching my arm:

This is caused when the Velcro is allowed to touch the skin.  The neoprene is a special synthetic material that is made to be in continuous contact with human skin, but Velcro is NOT.  Make sure that the Velcro is fastened in the center of the strap.  If you are not using the latest straps, change to these, as the width of the Velcro gives more margin on the sides to help your skin avoid the Velcro.  In a few cases, some people will not be able to stand even the neoprene on their skin, and in that case, please return XOTrainer for a refund.

The Exoskeleton seem to want to move out of synch:

This is caused when the tightness of the hinges are uneven.  You can feel the tightness of the hinges with your fingers (or wrench, if you use one).  It is important to balance the resistance between the 4 resistance hinges as much as possible.  If the splints move easier on one side than the other, tighten that side more.  Side note: some people have asked why there is not markings on the knobs to read the resistance setting.  We originally had those, but with time, the washers will wear, and the reading is off.  So we elected to remove the markings as it is pretty easy to feel the resistance.

The Splints jam into my armpit:

Return the XOTrainer for a refund.  One of the biggest challenges of XOTrainer design was to make the exoskeleton fit as many human shapes as possible.  Unfortunately, we could not adapt to the folks with a short upper arm.

Straps broke:

Be Proud.  Let us know, send us an email with your order number and/or your address.  Tell us which straps failed and we will send you the latest versions for replacements.

The donut-elbow-harness fits better and works better behind my elbow:

Yes, many people like this position better, and it works better for their arm size.  It does not affect the effectiveness of XOTrainer, so feel free to find the best position for your comfort.