Positive Feedback

AJ: 3rd  Grade Classroom Teacher

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… I have received the new straps in the mail and Oh, what a remarkably wonderful difference they have made in my life.  I can now obtain the full spectrum of enjoyment from your awesome and innovative Armore Fitness System. 

Much appreciated,


AZ: Thank you its actually pretty amazing


BK: Love the concept


DSw: I use the extra-large straps. Do you have any plans for something that has even higher resistance? Like I said, I really love your product and right now I wear them in my office while I’m working. I am, however, what I would consider a stocky individual so even when I crank them down to the max resistance it is still relatively easy for me to extend and contract my arm. Perfect for the office and burning calories and toning my arms more, but should I want to really push myself and get a good workout usually I’ll still go to the gym and grab the 80 or 90lb dumbbells and rep them out. It would be awesome to have something like an “extreme” version that would enable me to not have to go to the gym to achieve a good solid pump on arm day. Obviously you would need, I feel, a rigid Velcro strap and not an elastic one to accommodate the added stress so that it stays aligned to your arm to reap the full flex benefit. I’m sure you get suggestions all the time so sorry if this is nothing new to you. Like I said though, I love your product as it allows me to carry out my daily life and still get a workout in even when I am at my desk. Especially on those late nights in the office is good to know that I’m not going to lose my progress I’ve made in the gym even if I’m unable to make it to the gym that night. Keep up the awesome work, I look forward to see what you come out with next!


GM: Perfect!  Yep, I keep messing with the different tightness of everything and I think I may have figured it out today finally!  I'm really enjoying them and I probably should have taken a measurement prior to starting to see the results, but either way I know it is making the workouts a little more challenging so it must be doing something for me!  


LM: They came in great condition thank you


MM: No worries! I'm excited to see the future of this type of product. It seems like the straps may be a consistent opportunity in the products design. If I make a suggestion;

The exoskeleton needs to be secured in a similar fashion as a prosthetic. Which already came up with a solution to your dilemma. I don't have all the answers, but I bet if there was a way to adopt the same idea as a Prosthetic sock or a gel liner on the back side of the straps. The solution seems to be long since established. 


PH: The extra straps that came packaged with the set are leaps and bounds better than the set that came attached. I have already used them more in the past couple of days than I have since I got them. No issues thus far. Thank you very much for the follow up. You guys are great.


RB: Thank you for the help. The new ones actually work great. 

Will be happy to do so, but we did send a strap with every new unit sold (that’s because they have changed a dozen times).  Try the new ones, you will like them better.  Let me know, and I can send you more.

 The product came in within a week, which is a plus. The downside of the product is that the product has a defective forearm strap. The strap appeared worn out as if it has been used in the past several times. If you could send me another strap that would be great. 


JR: Sorry for the delay. I received the package 2days ago and just hadnt had the chance to get back online. I just wanted to again express my gratitude. I got to figure out positioning and such while i awaited this, and let me tell you, once i had the appropriate straps it worked like a dream!!! i have barely had a moment where ive taken them off now lol.. I think these are awesome.
The comfortability was a little weird at first, but if you don’t give up and find the positioning right for you, i think anyone would be happy with these.
The only unfortunate part is once the straps are stretched slightly, the "spikey side of Velcro" is facing your skin and REALLY starts scratching.. I know this isn’t a suggestion page, but i really think this product is phenomenal and if a different approach to the straps were taken, there isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t buy these. It’d be almost impossible to make the straps any fatter, so perhaps if the ends were tapered more would be a benefit... But the other thing i thought, which might be more difficult production-wise, was to reverse spikey parts of Velcro with the felt side. So, the spikey Velcro is facing out, away from the body, and the felt side is now faced down towards the body... So the straps would now have felt tip closure, instead of the spikes. Did any of that make any sense??? lol
Anyway, no complaints here.. And i like to think I’m pretty creative, so I’ll always be looking for the little ways of adding comfortability..
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time, and again, professionalism.. I think if you are a representation of what this company is about, this is only the beginning of great things.


RE: I’ve had the arm exerciser for nearly a month, and in my opinion it doesn’t live up to your claim that it can be adjusted to 50lbs. Or anywhere close. Though it does give you a opportunity to do resistance training I would say the level of resistance is maybe 15lbs at most. With the adjusting screws tightened I can do a 100 plus reps. No way could I do this with a 50lbs dumbbell.

> I would like to offer a idea or two as to how the product could be improved.

> 1) The wrist straps are faulty in that when you have the adjusters tighten the Velcro can’t hold together. I’ve had to use athletic tape to keep them in place. I suggest using Velcro straps like you find on a good quality knee brace that will wrap around the entire wrist then pass through a end slot so you can pull it tight and Velcro it back.

> 2) I see the existing rubber washers squashed flat, and I fear any additional tightening would either crack the plastic or strip the treads. Maybe thicker rubber washers might solve this problem and offer more resistance. I also wonder if adding wave washers or lock washers might improve the resistance. 

> I’ve thought about returning them because I discovered they don’t meet that 50lbs claim, but since they do give me a opportunity to exercise my arms I’ll continue to use them.

> BTW I’m a truck driver and I wear and use these while I’m driving. In my opinion they don’t impede my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. I wear them on both arms. I do curls, and forward presses with each arm as I hold the steering wheel with the other. I mention this because I think truck drivers would be a good group to market this product to. You might see about setting up displays at truck stops like Pilot, TA, and Flying J. Have a sales rep there and give the drivers a chance to try it on and do some exercises like I do while sitting, and I think it would sell itself.

> I hope you appreciate my help. If you develop a Version II Arm Exerciser please send me one to give you some feedback.

 XOT: As you know the straps have been redone.  On to your question about the resistance weight, we quote the measured resistance at the end of the splint.  You are probably measuring 50 lbs at your hand.  You would need 100lbs at the strap to interpret to 50lbs at your hand.  That would be too much.


RC: That's no problem. That would be good if they could all link together. Let me know if there is any way I can help furthering your product.

XOTrainer: Appreciate the idea.  At this point we are working on the major joints of the body, trying to work out the shoulder, back, hips, knees.  Ultimately we would like them to hook together to form a full body exoskeleton.  We have avoided for now encumbering the ankle or the wrist or hand, so that the resistance would not interfere with normal activities.


SV: I have worn It all of three times and I am feeling some of the results. Yes I know I should be wearing it more often. BUT I wanted to ask a question. I only bought one… So do I focus on one arm one week or go back and forth. I am Right handed so I feel my left arm needs to have it on more than the right one. Thoughts?

XOT: A lot of people wear a pair (which does keep you from getting lazy and only using your free arm).  I wore it only on one side, and noticed something strange.  The other arm grew too.  Maybe it was because I was using it more?


SO: I don't mind buying a pair if possible. Was wanting to get a pair new so it could last a 8 month deployment. Could this address get added in?


XOT: done...


TA: My husband got your Armore exerciser for his birthday in November. He says, "It really unreal in terms of results in comparison to other equipment he has used in the past. It really is the best resistance trainer on the market." He said it feels like an extension of his arm. This product really does what it advertises unlike most products we have tried. We love that it can be used in conjunction with other exercise equipment. Everyone who visited, during the holidays, remarked on the growth of his arms muscle mass. We will definitely be getting a second one. And as his wife, lets just say I am very impressed with the extra "confidence" it has given him.


CF: Thank you rock stars of customer service


MR: Just wanted to let y’all know my package arrived and i am happy with the way you handled it when my package didn’t arrive didn’t make me jump through hoops to get another one sent just found the problem and fixed it thank you if the product works well I'm going to recommend to all my friends not just because of the product there are a bunch of useful workout equipment but because of how your company's customer service handled the situation. Thank you!


DS: U are so awesome. Thank you so much.