About XOTrainer™

The XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser strengthens muscles, burns fat, tones arms… anywhere, anytime!

From the moment our design team began wearing early prototypes of the XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser in public — shopping, out to dinner, or in any public arena — people would come up, ask us about it.

It started from an idea that spawned a worldwide brand. 

As soon as we explained the XOTrainer™ arm exerciser and how it worked, everyone wanted to try them on. Mostly, people wanted to buy one from us on the spot.

Naturally, one of the first questions people asked was, “Does it work?” We responded with an enthusiastic “Yes.”  Check out YouTube!

To hear what others had to say, we invited several dozen people to use the XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser and then tell us about their experience and, most importantly, what benefits they saw and felt.

It’s wearable, so it works for you anywhere, anytime.

Simply slip on the XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser in the morning (yes, hidden under a button-down long-sleeve shirt, if you’re on your way to work), set the amount of resistance you want  (even through the cloth of the shirt), and your workout begins immediately.

Finger tighten up to 25 pounds per arm, wrench tighten up to 50 pounds resistance.

As you go about your day, the anatomically-correct and efficient XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser…

  • Strengthens your entire arm including biceps, triceps, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bone
  • Burns away fat and tones your arms (even at low settings)
  • Enhances your performance as it builds strength and endurance and speed
  • Stimulates Repetitive Muscle Activity throughout the body (RMA is the same effect as chewing gum)
  • Strengthens connective tissue, bone, and muscle
  • Keeps your hands free to take care of your daily tasks
  • Helps you maintain your fitness regimen because your fitness regimen goes with you wherever you go...

And much more!

Besides building muscle, the XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser strengthens cartilage, tendons, and bones in the elbow region. Users have reported other health benefits, even when used continually at only low-resistance settings.

Because the body naturally balances itself, muscle and tissue develop in the shoulders, chest, forearms, and wrists to compensate for the additional strength of the biceps/triceps.

By promoting repetitive muscle activity (RMA), you’ll want to be in motion continually. This results in additional exercise and gradual benefits without a conscious effort.

Blood flow restriction, a newer form of body building, actually occurs with XOTrainer™, as the upper cuff can be tightened to the point where the body will build additional muscle to compensate for lower blood flow.

 Want to know more? Read our blog here.

Note that all are new, from the latest design, although our name has changed.