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The Xotrainer™ Wearable Arm Exerciser Strengthens And Sculpts Muscles… Anywhere, Anytime!

From the moment our design team began wearing early prototypes of the XOTrainer™ wearable arm exerciser in public — shopping, out to dinner, or in any public arena — people would come up and ask us about it.

As soon as we explained the XOTrainer™ arm exerciser and how it worked, everyone wanted to try them on. Some people even wanted to buy a couple from us on the spot.

The XOTrainer™ is great for both the casual fitness buff looking to increase strength and sculpt muscle, or for the more experienced athlete looking to increase the intensity of their workout routines. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, as the XOTrainer can be worn with fitness attire or under clothing, allowing the user to work out anywhere, at anytime.

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